Where do I start?

My name is Will, I’m best described as a documentary wedding photographer based in Guildford, Surrey but available worldwide. I’m all about trying to keep things pretty relaxed and fun, while at the same time I simply strive to create visual stories of the most important days in peoples lives. Usually in the most natural and epic way possible.

All the hugs, kisses, laughter, awkward moments and the crazy dancefloor moves – that’s what I’m all about!

If you’re an avid coffee enthusiast, love karaoke and enjoy a good sunrise- the chances are we’ll get on nicely!

What Do I Do?

I'm Will
It's great to have you here!

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What Do Others Say?

Jayne and Thomas

I could not be happier with the photos Will done for us. They looked amazing, he was very professional during the whole process of booking to the day.

We have a large family and this did not put Will off taking these photos, he managed to keep his cool trying to get everyone over for the photos.

He also has some great dance moves if you manage to get him to dance!

Thank you Will for the most amazing photos, if I get married again I’ll book you for that one too!

Abbey and Billy

Incredible, exciting, original, open-minded, daring, professional, polite, gets involved, one of the guests and massively passionate, I would say these are only a few words to describe you as a photographer. I am so happy you experienced our day and captured our wedding day so well. We couldn't thank you enough!

Chloe and David

What can I say? I think I had only one regret after our wedding and that was that we didn't video the ceremony. However, as soon as we got our photos back, it was clear that we didn't need it. Somehow, Will had managed to capture the essence of our guests, their mannerisms, facial expressions and feelings as well as the whole atmosphere of the weekend. Every single photo either made us laugh or cry and looking through them was like reliving it, but better as we got to see what everyone was doing!

From the moment he arrived, Will was part of the family. He pitched in with helping us decorate, kept me sane before the ceremony and all while managing to take photographs without my even noticing. He was thoroughly professional and unobtrusive, yet fitted in so well, I can only assume that's how he gets the best out of his subjects. I was dreading being photographed but Will makes it totally painless.

Special mention has to go to Emil as well who was also unfailingly polite, kind and professional. They both stayed with us at our venue and were just such wonderful company, you forgot they were there to work.

All in all, our experience was perfect, our photos better than we dreamed of and we're wondering what excuses we can find to do it all again! Thank you Will.