A little more about me...

Hey there, I’m Will! I’m best described as a professional wedding photographer based in Surrey, UK, but also available for weddings all around the world.

I picked up my first camera (borrowed from my Grandad) aged 3 and from that point on all I wanted to do was become a photographer… Yep, that’s a true story. Initially, I wanted to be a big advertising photographer but somewhere along that journey I totally fell into weddings and at some point, I found a true love for them.

The point I knew weddings were for me were when I found out that with a camera in my hands I was able to meet someone I’ve never met before and within 10 minutes have them feel totally comfortable with me being there, know all their family’s names and what their favourite food is.
I truly believe that we’re put on this spinning blue planet for a reason and mine involved having a camera in my hands and photographing people.

My style has changed over the years, I’ve tried almost every approach to weddings and over time I’ve found the style that suits me. I’d describe my style as relaxed, fun, dramatic, and modern, but still a bit edgy.

Alongside my wedding work I love traveling and at times I’m super lucky to be able to combine the two. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph weddings across the world, including Europe, North America, and the Caribbean. There’s nothing more that gets my creative juices going more than traveling!

When I’m not working I love to spend time with my long term girlfriend, going on long walks, exercising, dog spotting and hunting out the best food in whichever area I’m currently in.


+  I once got three ribs broken by someone’s head at a wedding… I’ll admit I  was taking photos on a bouncy castle at the time…

+  I’m just a little obsessed with dogs and frequently find myself almost crashing my car after seeing a cute dog and staring for just a little too long.

+  Want to win me over? Food that’s how!

+  I grew up with a fascination for photography (see the photo here of me aged 3)

+  I love to travel and often find myself taking spontaneous trips away – well I call them spontaneous, Rebecca calls them planned last minute haha.