Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know!

Do you offer custom packages for elopement and destination weddings?

Yes! I sure do! I love to travel and have custom packages for both elopements and destination weddings. I would love for you to take us with you on your adventure! Tell me where you are going and I can provide you a quote!

We'd like to pay early, is this possible?

I usually request final payments around 4 weeks before the wedding date - however if its convenient for you to pay the full balance earlier than that then that is absolutely fine. If you could just make me aware beforehand that would be appreciated!

Do you have Insurance?

Yep, of course. Me, my kit and public liability – the works.

What if you're ill and cant attend our wedding?

This is a great question I would have to be seriously ill or some other very serious circumstances happen to not be able to shoot your wedding. I take my job very seriously and you guys are our most important thing in the world. I have a great network of photographers available to me should we need to arrange cover and if we are unable to arrange this we will, of course, offer a full refund.

Do we have to feed you?

Yes please!!. If we’re (my second photographer and I) staying all day and into the night a hot meal would be really appreciated. We don’t shoot too much while people are eating and it gives us a chance to have a break and recharge our batteries ready for the evening!

How do we book?

Booking is super simple, get in touch via heading to my contact page or emailing me [email protected]. I'll confirm my availability, we'll then schedule in a call to chat about the specifics of the wedding date and then its just a booking fee to pay and contract to sign and thats it! :)

Will we hear from you before the wedding?

As I mentioned above about payments, about 4 weeks before I'll be in touch for two reasons.
Firstly to check in with you guys check that everything's okay and i'll give you a questionnaire. This contains the questions I need answers to from you before the big day.
Secondly I'll be in touch about final payment.

Can I supply photos to my venue and suppliers.

Yep! I have absoloutely no problem with this!

All I ask is that in return when they use them can I be tagged or somehow linked back to my site?

The only thing I wont allow is for your suppliers to use them for print marketing materials or top level marketing online. Basically I don't mind an instagram post but the main banner on their website or a huge billboard outside ain't cool!

How long until I get my photos

So with all weddings I aim to deliver them within 8 weeks. That's at its worst when it's peak wedding season with hundreds and thousands of photos on the editing pile. When it's good obviously that timescale will be as minimal as possible.

I should say that ultimately I want you to have your photos as soon as possible so I'll always be trying my hardest behind the scenes to get them to you.

How do I receive my photos?

In the past I used to send out USB drives to couples, a few bad experiences later with usb drives getting lost in the post and couples loosing their USB's. I took the decision to switch to a fully online delivery system through the online gallery. It's super convenient and with just a couple clicks you've got your photos. I supply them via two resolutions too. Web sized, ideal for Facebook etc... and then full resolution ideal for printing.