Barnett Hill Hotel wedding photography is always a fun one for me. Starting with the fact that the venue is only a stone’s throw from my house. When I say ‘a stone’s throw’, I mean that I can actually put my car in neutral and coast the whole way down the hill and into my driveway, it’s that close! Not only is it close, but Barnett Hill Hotel is also a venue that keeps on giving. It has a whole plethora of areas great for photos and that’s why I LOVE it! It makes my creativity go into overdrive.

Now what do you get if you combine a great venue with the lovely couple, Jamie & Jenny? Well, that’s a good question and I’ve got the answer… You get a wedding day that you don’t want to miss that’s what!

The Wedding Day

As usual, the wedding day started for me and my second photographer Danny at the hotel itself. With Jamie & Jenny getting ready in separate rooms this meant we were able to snap away as their wedding day preparations began!

After a morning of ironing, mostly on Jamie’s side, then makeup and hair, mostly on Jennys’ side, we shot some quick edgy portraits of both Jamie and Jenny. Next, we all headed off to Shere Church. A lovely little quaint church in the middle of the surrey hills.
The ceremony itself was joyful. The whole thing felt like a true celebration of Jamie and Jenny and them as a couple.

Once Jamie and Jenny were officially married we headed out of the church into a shower of confetti. Seriously, I think that’s the most confetti I’ve seen thrown for a long time! I was still finding it in one of my camera bags weeks later, but that’s okay as it brings me back to this great day!

After arriving back at Barnett Hill Hotel we braved an oncoming shower for some drinks reception outside. This made for some lovely candid photos of the guests. Then with all the receiving drinks drunk, and the family photos were taken we headed in for some food. After came some seriously funny speeches, and then it was time for some partying!!

Now I’ve seen a lot of weddings but this one had some serious dance moves… you’ve just got to check them out!

Finally, I’d like to thank Jamie and Jenny for having us! Danny and I had a blast and all of your guests were so welcoming and lovely! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Loucks.

Footnote – If you’re getting married or know someone getting married. Do head over to my contact page and get in touch! I’d love to hear from you!

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