Okay, I have to admit this wedding has been on my radar all year round since I photographed Matt and Harriet’s engagement shoot on Southbank which you can view here. I couldn’t wait for their big day full at The Great Barn Devon wedding photography. Oh boy, It didn’t disappoint!

From a perfect wedding ceremony and then back to an incredible picturesque venue deep in the Devon countryside now those who follow me on here would know I do love barn weddings I don’t know what it is but I feel like the aesthetic of barns seems to really suit my style and they’re a total joy to photograph. Give me a barn like The Great Barn Devon and a totally awesome crowd and trust me, you’re definitely going to get some awesome photos!

The day itself consisted initially with as tradition dictates Matt and Harriet getting ready seperatly… I went with the girls and my second photographer Stu went with the guys. I spent much of the morning laughing which just goes to show how lovely Harriets small army of bridesmaids were! 
We then all met up for a beautiful church ceremony nearby… I’ll just say it now that church was PACKED! 

The reception itself was funny, we initially treid to brave the slight showers and succesfully managed to get all the family portraits done in time before it started POURING down with rain! After we all made a dash inside to the barn itself came the food… Pies, a definite favourite trend of mine at weddings this year. With a great band and a lovely ending this wedding is truly one I wont forget for a good while! 

I’d like to say a big thanks to Harriett and Matt for having us! I’m sure you could tell this but I’ll say it anyways both Stu and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves so thank you!

Anyways! Time for photos!