Turning up to Rebecca’s parents’ house I found Rebecca and her small army of bridesmaids getting ready, relaxed and fueled with prosecco and good vibes. As preparations continued the excitement grew and everyone could wait to get to the ceremony.

At the church, I met up with Luke and the guys and everyone was excited, looking forward to the bride’s arrival!

The ceremony was beautiful and had some lovely personalized moments in which ALWAYS makes for a good service (I seriously love it when they do that).

Post ceremony it was back to Shoreham village school’s playing field… that when I say it like that doesn’t really sound all that great but HOLY MOLY did Rebecca and Luke put some effort in! From getting a beautiful tipi to a Calais booze run. But most incredibly, they’d made a whole bunch of garden games. Yep, that’s right, made them! From Scalextric to whack a rat, it was seriously impressive! 10/10 for effort guys!

After some beautiful speeches, it was on to drinking and dancing and what a show everyone put on! Some seriously impressive dance moves were pulled out and we had a blast photographing them for sure.

Then, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, yep that’s right… pizza! What a genius idea getting a portable pizza oven in for some really, really tasty pizzas!

Couple of thank yous as ever!

Thanks to my assistant Stuart for giving me a helping hand! You’re a total legend!

But mostly huge thanks to Luke and Rebecca for entrusting us with their memories, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Anyways that’s enough of me time for photos,