Planning a wedding is a stressful business, you can plan every minute of the day… The table plans, the outfits, the flowers, but the one thing you have absolutely no control over, (unless you’re a demigod like Thor), is the weather. In particular, what we’re talking about here is the dreaded wedding day rain!!

But need not despair when you start to check the weather forecasts six months away from your wedding date and see rain. Because years after you’ve finished your last slice of cake, I can assure you it’ll be the last thing you think about when you remember the day you married your best friend and most loved one. 

Step 1 – Chat to your Venue

Okay so you’ve planned an outdoor wedding and now there’s going to be torrential wedding day rain even though it’s in mid June… global warming I guess… anyway, I digress.

The first thing you’ve got to do is call your wedding co-ordinator. This isn’t their first rodeo remember and they’ll of had hundreds of rainy weddings. They’ll be able to tell you your options and how to prepare for wedding day rain. They might even have another more protected space that you can re-locate your wedding day too. Who knows!

If you were planning an outdoor wedding and indoor reception they’ll usually be able to combine the two and convert your now ceremony room into the reception venue you’ve dreamt of for months. All whilst you and your guests sip champagne and nibble on some mini burger canapés. 

Backup plan – if your ceremony is outside and there’s no suitable indoor space I’d suggest renting a tent. I know it might sound a bit circusy but we’re on the backup plan here folks. Plus, there are some SERIOUSLY cool tents out there – quick mention to My Tipi Event They know how to rock the tent look and make it look amazing!

Step 2 – Prepare Prepare Prepare for wedding day rain.

Rain often brings chilly temperatures so maybe arrange with your venue to get some blankets in, maybe some heat lamps and some extra tea and coffee stations where guests can go and get a little something to warm them up. Here’s some other things you might like to buy below: 

  1. Blankets
  2. Head over to Amazon and pick up some extra blankets, here’s a link to 10 grey ones, super affordable and grey… That goes with every outfit right?!
  3. Towels
  4. For the guests that brave the rain and think after a quick dash from the car that they won’t get THAT wet… Here’s a link to a bulk lot of towels
  5. Wellington Boots
  6. Now I know you’ve got those beautiful Jimmy Choo’s but let’s be honest here you don’t want to get them muddy right… How about we step up your wet weather gear and get some wedding wellies:
  7. Couples umbrella
  8. Now this is one that I can personally say I’ve used LOTS for beautiful photos of couples snuggling under an umbrella. You have to pick one of these up to make sure we can capture one of these photos for the two of you…

Step 3 – Now you’re all prepared time to realise there’s a silver lining to rain on your wedding day… It makes for some seriously cool wedding photos of course! 

In this post, you would have seen some of the images I’ve personally captured at some wet weddings over the past few years. Wedding day rain brings a magical mistiness in the air that makes everything look so dewey and romantic. That look can’t be replicated during sunny weather. Not only does it open up a whole bunch of scope. Firstly for creative couples photos, but it also creates such perfect moments… guests running in the rain laughing, fun with umbrellas… you get the idea!

Rain at least gives you an excuse to cuddle up 

Rain is romantic, think of it this way… Even a slight drizzle you’ll want to cuddle up to your loved one under that umbrella we mentioned earlier. The sound of rain on the windows and edge of your umbrella has got to be one of the most calming and most beautiful sounds out there.

Your flowers will last longer

Now I don’t pretend to be a florist but I’ve been to a lot of weddings. I see thousands of £’s spent on flowers and most often what happens to them? Yep… They get binned. It seems such a shame and they last even less time in that hot summer heat. At the very least a bit of rain delays the oncoming wilting and gives you just a little bit more time to enjoy them. 

You’ll get a great story!

So I’m very much a glass-half-full kind of person I personally see rain on a wedding day just like that. I remember that time that I filled my car up with the wrong fuel. At the time yes it was annoying and bloody expensive… But, at the end of the day, I got a great story out of it! It’s the same with wedding day rain, okay yes your whole wedding might get washed away and you’ll have to battle the weather all day long but that will be a great story to tell the grandkids in years to come!

Rain on your wedding day means good luck!

Now I’m not too aware of the origins but in some cultures rain is seen to be a a good luck symbol, symbolising good luck, fertility and cleansing. So if you’re superstitious, or not, then at least you can look on the bright side and think that you’ve got a bit on luck on your side. Or that someone is watching out for you on your big day. 

Rain gives your guests something to talk about

There’s nothing like a little wedding day rain to bring a group of people together especially us Brits. The camaraderie and sense of fun surrounding the rain makes for a great atmosphere for your guests.

On a final note- You’re allowed to be upset (for a little bit).

But come rain or shine, this is true for all weddings… No matter how beautiful your floral arrangements, elaborate your reception amenities, or terrible your weather luck is, your guests will feed off of your mood. If the forecast makes you flustered, upset, and anxious. You’re allowed to let your frustrations out (we know it sucks), but just don’t let it weigh you down for the whole celebration. Your guests can sense all your tense and negative energy. This is the day you’ve been preparing for a long time so the sooner you can get past it. You need to be your own source of sunshine. The more fun you both can have with your guests and enjoy your big day! We promise.