Gibraltar wedding photography has got to be one of the easiest forms of wedding photography, everything looks perfect. Wherever you point your camera it all just looks super colorful and beautiful. 

Photographing Liam and Sammy’s wedding for me was one of those bucket list jobs… I say jobs but at the point where you meet an amazing couple and hey fly you out to their wedding in sunny Gibraltar it really doesn’t feel like a job. 

The wedding was at the beautiful Rock Hotel in Gibraltar. Probably the most famous hotel in Gibraltar. With celebs photos laden across some of the walls, you can instantly tell the second you walk in that it’s perfect for a wedding.

I arrived a couple of days before the wedding and spent the first couple days hanging out with the wedding party. I was able to scout out some of the best locations on the island… wait it’s not an island I googled that and interestingly it’s a peninsula.

The wedding ceremony was outside in the beautiful gardens opposite the hotel. It was a beautiful setting for a wedding with the sun shining and the couple married surrounded by their closest friends and family it truly was perfect.

After the ceremony, we headed a short walk to the reception venue, also outside and surrounded by beautiful gardens. There was also a pool… We’ll talk about that at the end.

The speeches were very touching, funny and emotional I definitely saw a good few people shedding a quick tear. The food was also delightful. I spent some of my time making small talk whilst we grabbed a quick bite to eat with the Spanish videographer. It was all over google translate which was interesting, to say the least.

The night ended after some serious dance moves on the dance-floor and the use of the pool… I will say that the hotel wasn’t all too happy with the fact that Liam and Sammy’s guests decided to strip down and jump in… But It made for good photos!

Final Note

I’d love to thank both Liam and Sammy and both of their families for having me and making me feel so welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I wish we could all do it again. This was my first time to Gibraltar and I really really fell a little bit in love with it. So much so I’ve promised Rebecca (my other half for those of you who don’t know) that I’ll take her there!


Venue – The Rock Hotel Gibraltar

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