I love barn weddings so I don’t know what it is but I feel like the aesthetic of barns seems to really suit my style and they’re a total joy to photograph. Give me a barn like Gate Street Barn and a totally awesome crowd and trust me, you’re definitely going to get some awesome Gate Street Barn Wedding Photography.

What can I say about Harry and Fran… In my opinion, there isn’t a bigger test of a relationship than going long distance.

Harry and Fran did just that, in the initial years they relied heavily on flights between South Africa and the UK, just look at the first photo below to give you some perspective of that! (Can I just say Fran did some great demonstrating here!) Combined with modern technology they made it work!

They are both very ambitious and eager to do well, it is clear that working hard comes naturally to these two. Their wedding was to be a very relaxed affair, a barn with all of their family and friends which made room for a lot of love and laughter which made a great mix for a wedding day.

Gate Street Barn was their chosen venue, and it just so happens that it’s also the closest venue to my home in Surrey, so close in fact I could walk there so Gate Street Barn Wedding Photography is always exciting for me! 

It’s a beautiful venue with very well-maintained grounds and room for couples to really put their own personal touch on, which I love!

The staff there are so lovely, they’re clearly very dedicated to their jobs and want to see every wedding day go as best as possible! I’d really love to shoot there some more, not just because it’s local to me but because it looks like one of those venues that photographically is going to keep on giving again and again. I can’t wait to go and shoot another wedding there!

I’d like to say a big thanks to Harry and Fran for having us! I’m sure you could tell this but I’ll say it anyways both Stu and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves so thank you!

Anyways! Time for photos!