Have you ever googled “Advice for wedding couples”? Well if you have you’ll realise there’s a TONNE of information out there… Some good, but quite a lot of it is old, irrelevant and not really that helpful.

So I’ve reached out to my past wedding clients. YES REAL PEOPLE, and asked them ‘What advice would you give to couples planning their wedding?’. 

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what bits of advice I’d receive and truthfully I was wondering how many would be useful. But if you’ve read any of my other wedding blogs. You’ll know I always talk about how all of my couples are amazing. I love them all and this is one of those moments! Thank you to those of you who helped ad gave me answers! You’re all heroes!

So without further ado – Let’s do this!

Number 1 – Don’t Sweat The Details, No-One Will Notice.

No matter how much time you’ve spent deliberating on the colour or style of decorations. At the end of the day all people care about is having a lovely time. As long as you’re surrounded by all their loved ones (and booze) that’s all that matters. So instead of planning on writing out everyone’s place names for 6 hours and trying to learn the art of calligraphy at the same time, just use a printer or find someone that’s mastered in that art and don’t stress, as the end result will be the same. 

Number 2 – Stop… Take a Breath Take It All In

“Our wedding day went so incredibly fast and the one thing that I regret is not stopping and taking everything in for a few minutes. We were both so caught up with stressing about the little details, like the weather, whether the flowers will look right, if my nan could get up the stairs at the venue okay and even if we bought enough prosecco… We left at the end of the night with 47, whoops!!  Instead, I’d recommend to stop, let yourself feel the emotions, cry, laugh, hug everyone and take it all in. Oh and the most important thing is to enjoy every, single, second!!” 

Number 3 – Do Things Your Way 

“I bet the minute you announced that engagement you felt like everyone including your family and friends had started to become a wedding planner based on the past weddings they’d been to.” Yes everyone just wants the best for you and all the “inspiration” from your best friend can be helpful. But just think about what makes you two you and make sure you’re celebrating that love above everything else. 

“We couldn’t imagine getting married in a church or a big wedding venue as we just wanted to have fun with all our friends and family and have the chance to share our love with everyone. We opted for having our wedding in one of our parents gardens under a big open tent with a big BBQ for our wedding breakfast and staying up late dancing to music played by a local band we found at our local pub and that we had asked a week before our wedding to play.

It’s funny all of our family and friends now say that our wedding was the best wedding they’ve ever been to, so much for getting married in church! 

So do you. That’s the most important thing as this is YOUR day and should represent what your relationship is about and you two as a couple. I promise that when you do, you’ll have absolutely no regrets.”

Wedding Party Photography
Tipi Wedding Photography

Number 4 – Choose the Right Photographer

Right before I let these guys loose I’d just like to say I did NOT pay them to say this!

“After all the cake has been eaten, the dress is in its bag and in the wardrobe, the Facebook tags have stopped rolling in what do you have left… Memories, your rings, and your PHOTOS!

Make sure you pick an amazing photographer (i.e. Will) to photograph your wedding. 

Pick a photographer who understands you, makes you feel comfortable, isn’t shouty and most importantly one who takes images that 50 years from now will still make you feel all the emotions.
Don’t worry about the price, instead follow your gut and go with the person who’ll do the best job for you” 

Number 5 – Sneak Off

This one is my favourite
“Go find some time to sneak off with your other half and just take in the fact that… YOU JUST GOT MARRIED AND THAT’S KIND OF A BIG DEAL!!! 
You can take just 10 mins to take it all in and de-stress now you’ve walked down the aisle, messed up your vows and finally tied the knot. We found the best way to do this was get Will to take us away for some “Photos”, which he did actually do and it was SO worth it, plus we got some amazing photos away from everyone else!.”

So there you all have it – some great advice from some amazing and lovely past couples! I’ll keep asking wedding couples and I’ll add more as they come in folks – updated April 2020 If you want to add some advice head over to my contact page and drop me a message and I’ll update it!